About Us

Years of research and testing to bring to you the most wonderful scents and products from Ancient Egypt. Using recipes reconstructed using credible sources, Setjy Netjerw brings back the aromas that made the ancient Egyptians renowned for their scents of the gods.


Pharaoh offering incense Incense was used extensively for ritual use in the temples of Ancient Egypt. Incenses were burned for certain times of day, to please the gods, even to treat ailments.


natronSalts, primarily Netjeryt, were used to clean the body, and prepare the dead for entombment. Setjy Netjerw employs the purification of Netjeryt in various products, from bath salts to soaps to beauty products.


seven sacred oils Oils in ancient Egypt had a variety of uses, including anointing, massage, ingredients in beauty products, and perfumes. Setjy Netjerw has performed extensive research into the production and employment of scented oils, and brings you many exotic scents for different uses.


ladies with unguent conesMost prominently known for their unguent cones that would release the wonderful scents as it melted. Unguents in the ancient world would be made of animal or vegetable tallow, beeswax, or other thickening agent. Setjy Netjerw has unguents for many different uses, from scented cones to healing salves.


perfume jar from the tomb of TutakhamunThe ancient Egyptians were the top perfume manufacturers and traders in the world. Masters of the scent, and using herbs and oils imported from all over the known world, they finely crafted luxury perfumes that were the envy of every civilized culture.


pharaoh purfied by Djehuty and HrThe ancients would make a kind of soap with Natron and animal or vegetable oils/fats that was used for a variety of uses including daily hygiene, to treat wounds, even to prepare wool. Setjy Netjeryt will not only reproduce the ancient recipes but also combine with modern products.


womenThe ancients had many wonderful products for beauty. Products for baldness, firming skin, moisturizers, anti-aging to name a few. Also they had extensive recipes for makeup, which were worn by both men and women. Setjy Netjerw brings many of these excellent products back to the modern world.